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I've been lurking around this site for a couple years. This GI section is really sloooooow...... Where are you guys? Tell me about yourselves! Please! I'm so bored right now. :eek: Me, I've been... Read More

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    I've been doing endo for 6 yrs now.
    We use anaesthesia routinely (using anaesthetists, so always 2 Drs in the room now days) - started doing so about 2-3 yrs ago, although some Drs still use Midazolam and Fentanyl.
    We have recently stopped doing ERCPs at our hospital, due to the Drs not happy with facilites and the high level of complications (not nurse related!!!!)

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    Hi all
    Regarding the use of Cetacaine Spray, I'm an RN in an Endo unit where we use Cetacaine spray prior to EGD's. I'm currently working on a BN and I'm looking at Research in Health Care/ Evidence Based Practice, in particular the use of Cetacaine Spray,why we use it [other than the obvious reasons] what research guides our practice or do we do it because we are told to? do any of you GI Nurses have any info or or can you guide me in the direction of some research? if there is any.
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    Do the Nurses not give the Sedation? And what kind of complications were happening?
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    Hi Brit999,man it's wonderful to hear from other GI nurses!!! From what my doctors have told me the reason why we use cetacaine/hurricaine spray is for pt comfort. The spraying numbs the back of the throat decreasing gag reflex. But along with that pt's under sedation tend to "lean back" and since they have lost the ability to feel saliva they could actually choke.I have used the "beads" before but they cause nausea.

    As far as sedation myself and my fellow RNs at my office do give sedation,fentanyl and versed.Out of six mds, only one gives starting meds. But after the procedure has started the rn takes over giving the meds.
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    Brand new to this sight. Been an endo nurse for about 10 years with some experience in m/s and tele. Just promoted to Admin/Nurse manager of an ASC. Drowning!!! Looking to network for hints in QI subjects, benchmarking, ect... Anyone out there?????

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