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Hello all- I'm still in nursing school but during my first degree (Psychology), I volunteered at a Rape Crisis Center as an advocate. I loved it! My work as an advocate challenged me in ways that... Read More

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    Quote from Sehsun
    Thank you for posting this question! I have been a little interested in how to become a SANE nurse....but I am not interested in working in the ER right now, either. I was a volunteer in the ER during high school, and it was alright for me. I saw many things, I'm sure, but it didn't peak my interest in that field.

    I like how you mentioned the new nurse & Med-Surg issue because that's how this is, too. And to add another one, it's like should a nurse who wants to become a nurse-midwife work in L&D to get experience, or would she pick up "bad habits?"

    I too have my first degree in Psych, and I loved it. It's really good that you got to volunteer at a rape crisis center.
    Hi Sehsun,

    It's always nice to meet fellow Psychology grads! Yes, I definitely see it as a 'Med-Surg kind of issue". While we are aware of the value of starting our careers in Med-Surg, it's also refreshing to see new nurses who have challenged the traditional viewpoints by going into specialty units first and still gaining those valuable skills.

    I have next quarter off and have actually thought about contacting the local Rape Crisis Program to begin volunteering again. I loved being able to be such a great resource to survivors of sexual assault and also being able to observe SANEs in all that they do!
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    Hey there !

    I was a SANE nurse for 4 years and DID NOT start out in the ER...... but I eventually wound up there and loved it ! I started out as a med/surg nurse when I started my job as a sane. So ..... no you dont HAVE to be an ER nurse. I would say that you should be a nurse for at least a year so you do have the assessment skills needed to be a sane. Keep doing the advocate work, that will expose you to more cases and keep you in the loop with the sexual assault working world. I did the on-call thing, even as an ER nurse.... I was just able to work in the ER and do my on call time while working, as someone would come in a take over my ER load when I had a case that would come in.... therefore I didnt have to give up so much of my free time to be on call. Because..... after a while you cherish your free time and dont want to spend it all on call ! Just a word of the wise. The assessment skills are critical to have (and not the ones you learn in school...) because it takes time and experience to learn these.... you learn them by working in any unit. You generally work alone when doing cases (I have never had another nurse work a case with me) and you need to have this time and skill before you can tackle such an important job. Good Luck with your schooling..... if you have the desire..... you can make it happen.
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    Do most people who go into forensic nursing have backgrounds in Psychology? My BA is in Criminology.

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