Looking for a Forensic Nurse to Interview

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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Diana and I am a senior nursing student that is doing a seminar on forensic nursing. One of the requirements is to interview a forensic nurse. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. Let me know
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    I will be happy to help you!

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    Thank you so much!!! I am working on my interview questions now and will post them sometime today. Thank you again, you don't know how much you're helping me!!
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    I have messaged you my interview questions, but I will post them here also.

    Interview Questions

    Please tell me a little bit about your educational background and how you decided to become a forensic nurse.

    Where are you currently employed and explain what your job entails from day to day.

    What is one of the most exciting cases you've ever worked on?

    What is the most satisfying aspect of being a forensic nurse?

    What is the least satisfying aspect of being a forensic nurse?

    What, if anything, do you like more about this job than being a staff nurse?

    If students are interested in this position, how would they begin their journey?

    What is the average salary for a forensic nurse?

    What are the usual hours for a forensic nurse?

    Do you see, on average, more male or female forensic nurses?

    Do you work with a team? What is everyones role?

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    Hi Diana,

    I came upon your interview while trying to research for more info about forensic nursing, but however the answers to your interview were not posted. I'm very interested in seeing what the person you interviewed had to say. I'm currently an undecided student trying to finish up some pre-reqs to apply to a few nursing programs I have in mind. I know there are many different fields in nursing and wanted to narrow it down some by looking into forensic nursing which is at the top of my list. Any info you can share on the subject would be very helpful. Thank you!
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    I alsowas interested in the answers from the Forensic Nurse. I just finished my RN and was deciding whether to go for my BSN or Forensic Nursing Certificate.
    Any info would be appreciated.
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    I'm writing a paper for my Career and Personal Development class and we have to interview someone in our field of interest. Could I possibly see what KC4NSICRN said? Other nurses aren't answering my emails and it's really close to my due date.
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    I am a SANE and will answer the questions to the interview questions posted. I however, wil not list my place of employment.
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    That would help me out a lot. I don't need place of employment because we're writing a reflection on the interview so I will not be turning in the actual interview. Could you also answer:

    Are there tangible goals to work for? Will I see concrete results when the job is done?

    Are there clear lines of responsibility?

    How flexible is this position? How structured is the environment?

    Are the hours regular and the duties consistent?
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    Here i am, what can i help you with?

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