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  1. Hello Everyone:

    I'm trying to find someone who has actually taken the Kaplan course on Forensic Nursing. I have several questions;
    1. Were you able to reach instructors easily?
    2. Is the learning all on your own or is there time spent online with instructors?
    3. How do you market yourself after taking the course?
    4. Since this is a new field in nursing how in demand is this type of job?
    5. I know tuition is $3350 but that doesn't include books, how much more will I have to spend on text?
    6. Does anyone have any experience writing for government grants for education?
    7. Even though I have 35 years experience in nursing is someone in their late 50's to old to start this field?

    I appreciate your replies and assistance.

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  3. by   legalnurse22
    You are never too old (53 myself, but who's counting). I look at it as having lots of experience. OK, I'll try to answer a few of your questions, I'm on my last couple of units and I'll complete my Kaplan FN program:
    1) Yes, the instructors are easy to reach and are very helpful.
    2) Learning time is on your own, on-line. Each course has excellent weblinks
    to refer to. They encourage feedback between students and instructors.
    3) Marketing is different for each individual, you can market to attorneys,ME,
    hospitals, crisis centers, etc.
    4) Forensic Nursing in itself is not new, as nurses, we've always done it just
    didn't know what to call it. You can become S.A.N.E. certified (Sexual
    Assault Nurse Examiner), work with Elder abuse/neglect, child abuse/
    neglect, domestic violence, criminal cases, fraud, coroners, etc.
    5) The only text book that is required is "Forensic Nursing" by Virginia Lynch
    (not sure about the cost now because I got mine before I started) and
    I purchased several on my own because I wanted them for my reference
    6) Can't help with that one, do some google searches and other links, but
    if I hear of anything I'll let you know.
    7) I have 28 years of clinical experience and I'm also a Legal Nurse Con-
    sultant, and I remain clinically active. Forensic Nursing is recognized
    as a nursing speciality by ANA.

    Hope this answers some of your questions. Look back on some of the other posts by SIRI and she listed some excellent links, so I won't repeat them. Feel free to contact any of us if you have more questions.

  4. by   cherokeeb
    Thanks legalnurse22 your answered my questions and calmed my doubts. I appreciate your input. cherokeeb
  5. by   sassy_redhead42
    Did anyone compare the cost of the on-line programs? Is Kaplan comparable?

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