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  1. 0 I have an interview assignment due Monday morning. I am supposed to interview a practicing nurse. I didn't know where to begin so I asked my professor about a week and a half ago for recommendations to help me find a nurse. She said she would help me and get back to me shortly...But that never happened. So I have been calling different hospitals to get an interview, but no one can help me I would REALLY appreciate any help!!!

    Here are my questions. The questions with *** are the questions I am required to ask, and the others are questions I was hoping to ask in my interview. I am only required to write about the questions with the ***, so if there are too many questions, feel free to skip the others

    **why did you decide to become a nurse?
    ***what is your specialty?
    How did you get to this position in terms of academic or work experience?
    ***do you work inpatient or outpatient?
    What is a normal day at work like? Are there things about your area that you did not expect to be doing?
    ***what would you change in your work environment if possible?
    ***what are your greatest challenges in nursing?
    ***what are your greatest rewards?
    ***tell me about your most memorable patient situation
    Are there any characteristics that you feel all nurses should or must have to be a good nurse?
    what was nursing school like, and were there any challenges?
    what were your early experiences working as a nurse? (Did it take some getting used to, for example)

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