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I was wondering what the requirements for and the possibilities are for a Forensic Nurse to become a Medical Examiner or Coroner? It is my understanding that this career is usually held by doctors.... Read More

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    Yes, it does sound very interesting. I wish you well as you pursue this nursing career path.
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    I would think that it will be difficult for them to find enough MEs to possibly convert all offices to MEs and that this may be an employment option for nurses. i.e. That an ME may have a wide area to cover but that nurses would somehow handle individual cases under their direction. I don't know, I've been wondering about something of that nature in any event.

    (I'm interested in it as well. Looking at forensic and psych nursing also)
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    I know this is a slightly older thread but I read it back when it was new. I just ran across it again and thought I would add Trumbull County Coroner this is a county near me and they have nurse death investigators. So not quite the ME but I would guess that they actually do more of the leg work and dealing with people, living and dead, again I am I just have to figure out when those four are retiring and hope finishing my degrees coincides with an opening :P
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    This is definitely a state by state thing...and even county by county. Here is a link to a county in Oregon that has the only Nurse Chief Deputy Medical Examiner. She is a also a SANE nurse and does state SANE stuff. I believe she has a masters or maybe a post bachelor type certificate...unsure which. The county I am from only uses law enforcement and a physician which is a huge bummer. I think this is still a very new field and as people retire nurses look more appealing.

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