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    Quote from f_nurse2b16
    CP2013- Orlando is a beautiful area. They're alot of beautiful areas in Florida other than Orlando and Tampa though so my mind could change. & Every university prefers their own students, but they still take transfers with whatever room is left. I'm definately applying to the nursing program at the university I attend, but it is always good to have back-ups which is why I am applying to other programs also. Nursing programs are too competitive for a student to only apply to one school. lol
    Absolutely, there are many beautiful areas. There were inquiries about USF and UCF and since those were the schools I checked, I figured I would provide my experience with my research.

    I agree schools are competitive but I had about a 3.4 going in to school. All my pre-reqs were done and I was ready to begin the program. I consider that I was very lucky to get in, first attempt. I know there were some with higher GPAs that didn't but they didn't have all of their courses completed an we're awaiting grades. And I was simply saying that they have first choice of local grads, and they absolutely will fill in the gaps with transfers when appropriate. (some posts from BCC/UCF cocoa, etc. describe a points system where more points are given to local residents, this is what I was referring to when I say they prefer locals)

    I did not know that USF would maintain the same hospital throughout the duration. We do change up hospitals which allows everyone an opportunity to rub elbows with many different mangers in different specialities. Which also has benefits of its own in my opinion. I have found two managers who are offering me positions in two different hospitals and specialities. Makes me really excited about local opportunities.

    Regardless I am sure you will find the school that is right for you and that will suit your needs the best.
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    f_nurse, if you don't mind me asking, why did you eliminate UF from your list completely?
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    Hopefulnurse24- Oh I don't mind. UF is a great school, but I am a huge NOLE fan! lol. I am applying to FSU's nursing program, but most likely going to choose USF if I get accepted for personal reasons. If I am not going to go to FSU which is the school I really love then I'm definately not going to UF.
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    Oh okay, I see! Did you ever take pathophysiology since it is required for FSU?
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    CP2013- I was on the USF nursing program FB page and saw that they use all of their local hospitals. & Thank you! Congrats to you also! That is great news! I wish you well in your nursing career!
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    Hopefulnurse- I will be taking pathophysiology this summer.
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    f_nurse2b16- The $4799 is just for the first semester. I had already taken Pathophysiology or the tuition would have been $800 more. I plan on tuition being $2800 per regular semester and about $1400 per summer session.

    I do have 1 BIG suggestion, tryo to get admitted in the Fall. USF does have a class that begins in the summer. It is my understanding that they finish 1 semester quicker than we do but it comes at a big price. They take 17 credit hours that first summer semester. That is alot to take in 9 weeks on top of clinicals and lab. I am not saying that it can't be done but it is something you would need to be prepared for. I took Patho in the summer and it was ridiculous. We did 8 chapters in the first 2 classes and had our first exam the third day of class. The Nursing students had multiple exams that day. I have alot of respect for the students that were able to take all of those classes in the summer and still do well.
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    PlamHarborMom- Oh, I'm not at USF yet. I'm still in the Pre-reqs stage at my university. Pathophysiology will be the only class that I am taking during the summer since school will be out during that time. I can just go to my local community college and do it. And yeah, I will definately be applying to the Fall term at USF.

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