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What are some well respected nursing programs in Florida? - page 3

What are some of the best colleges to attend in Florida for students pursuing a degree in Nursing?... Read More

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    f_nurse2b16- The $4799 is just for the first semester. I had already taken Pathophysiology or the tuition would have been $800 more. I plan on tuition being $2800 per regular semester and about $1400 per summer session.

    I do have 1 BIG suggestion, tryo to get admitted in the Fall. USF does have a class that begins in the summer. It is my understanding that they finish 1 semester quicker than we do but it comes at a big price. They take 17 credit hours that first summer semester. That is alot to take in 9 weeks on top of clinicals and lab. I am not saying that it can't be done but it is something you would need to be prepared for. I took Patho in the summer and it was ridiculous. We did 8 chapters in the first 2 classes and had our first exam the third day of class. The Nursing students had multiple exams that day. I have alot of respect for the students that were able to take all of those classes in the summer and still do well.
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    PlamHarborMom- Oh, I'm not at USF yet. I'm still in the Pre-reqs stage at my university. Pathophysiology will be the only class that I am taking during the summer since school will be out during that time. I can just go to my local community college and do it. And yeah, I will definately be applying to the Fall term at USF.