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Hello! Just starting a thread for all of us accepted into the Spring 2013 class to get aquainted and keep each other informed on what's to come! I will be enjoying my freedom for another few months! :-) Until January!... Read More

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    Hey how do we know which campus are we enrolling in? I got my acceptance letter but it didn't say which campus. Did anyone got their orientation package yet?
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    Ok everyone!!! Orientation will be held on Friday, November 16th at the West campus; you will be receiving an email through your Atlas account this week!!! The email will state the time, location, and other requirements.

    With fin-aid you will not be considered full time ;( you will receive 75% of your award for your first two terms but don't, I repeat DO NOT add any classes!!! What you don't get to use carries on to your 3rd term. EX. Spring 2013=75%, Summer=75%, Fall=50% If you were to add "fluff" classes you would need to pay out of pocket for your 3rd term.

    I too would like to know where to find the info. on what campus I will be in.

    You will not be able to regester for classes, once we have orientation they will enroll us.

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    Under your registration tab in your atlas portal, there are 3 rows in the middle row is your academic profile, there it is listed what campus you will be attending.
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    Thanks for the info! I was worried that something was wrong because I haven't received an e-mail. Do you know what the hours of orientation are?
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    Nope, all the info I had i passed on to you. The email should be coming soon enough, and it will have it stated there.
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    Quick question about the financial aid---the first two terms (Spring '13 and Summer '13) are part of this financial aid year. Wouldn't the Fall term 2013 begin a new financial aid year (2013-14)? In which case we wouldn't have to worry about paying out of pocket for the 3rd term?
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    Log in to your atlas emails everyone!!! The email we have all been waiting for it here!!!
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    Got my orientation packet in my e-mail! But I'm having trouble registering for the Document Tracker. On the student instructions for certified background, it says to use the package code VA06gen for the Document Tracker. After I type that in, it says 'package unavailable'. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Yeah!!! I received my orientation package, but I have trouble and I don't understand couple of things...

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