Valencia College ASN, Florida Hospital College BSN, or UCF BSN

  1. Hi all, I just would like to hear any experiences about Valencia, UCF, and FH College of Health Sciences. I'm in for Valencia's Spring 2014, but debating on FH, and UCF.

    I've read some good posts about Valencia, but did not find many information on FH and UCF.

    If you have attended any of these schools, please tell me your experiences. I'd appreciate it!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   tinkerbell13
    UCF and Valencia offer a lot of great opportunities and allow you to interact in both Florida Hospital and Orlando Health Hospital which can really help with your learning in nursing and getting a career after school. Many of the teacher are very help at UCF and they have a wonderful program and I have heard awesome things about Valencia as well. Being able to have clinical experiences at both hospital setting is amazing due to your are able to see areas of technology advancement that each may have in different areas. Good luck on your endeavors.
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    Hello I have been accepted into Valencia's Nursing program Summer 2014. I did complete all my pre reqs at Florida Hospital College. Fl Hospital College is a great school but be prepared to pay high tuition. It's about $315 a credit hour. Also, Fl Hospital College recently dropped their ASN program so it's a BSN program only. I am going to stick with Valencia's program even with the wait list, while I am waiting I am completing my AA degree so I will be able to get my RN to BSN at UCF. Valencia is one of the top nursing schools in the area with the highest NCLEX passing rate at almost 100%. I hope this helps!
  5. by   misscriss90
    Is Valencia highly competitive for entrance into their concurrent program? I see that you need a minimum of 2.5 overall GPA but I'm sure all those that were accepted had higher GPAs than that.
  6. by   panjia
    Thanks everyone for your responses. I'm sticking with VC too, because yes, FH is so expensive! I'm not sure about that tuition reimbursement deal FH has, because I'm reading some negative things in about how it's not guaranteed. Just google Florida Hospital nursing program on this website lol.

    Misscriss90: Unlike a university, which is based on GPA, VC is based on a first come, first serve basis (i.e., I applied in MARCH 2012, and have to wait until JAN. 2014!) But like says, I think waiting for VC is worth it. If you don't think cost is a factor, then you can go to FH since they accept quicker.

    You can just meet the minimum GPA requirement, and still get in for VC ASN. For VC and UCF, you just need to pass the TEAS test-- having a high score would not affect the likelihood of being admitted.

    VC is not competitive because it is a community college, but that does not mean their program is easy! Any nursing school is, once you're enrolled, you have to survive phase 2, which is ENDURING it.

    Honestly, I think doing ASN first is better, because you get the more hands-on skills, and focus is on foundational things. Although VC's nursing program is tough, starting fresh as BSN is harder because students have to do this "pathophysiology flow", write a massive case study on a patient (30+ page essay), do community health...all these unnecessary things to do, which is supposed to enhance critical thinking. I''m sure VC also emphasizes critical thinking, but in a more practical approach w/o the hefty projects.

    However, look into the RN-BSN program at can bypass all those unnecessary projects from general BSN program. You may still have to do community health, health assessment, public health courses or something, but at least you would already be familiar in nursing field. Plus, you can take those BSN courses online. Don't feel the need to rush to BSN, even when people are saying that it's higher in demand. Believe me, I went through the BSN program, and did not make it (I'm just fishing for other people's opinions, to see if returning to UCF BSN is worth it). (Could not find a way to work "smarter" not harder") I was dedicated student, but I just was not getting it.
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  7. by   panjia
    Tinkerbell13: Which UCF campus did you enroll at? I was at Cocoa campus.
  8. by   misscriss90
    Thanks, panjia. So what will you be doing in the meantime until then? Taking courses that will fulfill the gen. eds for your BSN later down the line?
  9. by   fgcugrad2011
    Get your BSN first! Your gunna have a harder time finding a job at the hospital. If your going to have to wait to start for over a year why not try for UCF program?? It doesn't make since to not try if you have THAT long of a wait. Your going to need your BSN. You think you will start working faster but you may be forced to start at a SNF because hospitals are only hiring experienced or bachelors. UNLESS you go to FL hospital's program, then they will definitely hire you. BSN and ASN are more different then you think. There is also NOVA you can look at.