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i was surprised to see that no one had started a thread for usf's absn for fall 2011, so i started one. it would be nice to get to know some of my potential classmates. anyone want to share your... Read More

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    CNA Sam, Do you have any recommendations for male scrubs or shoes, i.e. brand, style, or place to purchase?

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    Quote from CNA Sam
    All white scrubs. Does not matter where you buy it. Don't go crazy with trying to get a $20 shirt and $20 unless its necessary. You will be so eager to take them off at the end of the day.

    Make sure to join Nursing Student Council!

    See you guys on the 28th!
    Thank you CNA Sam. Was just curious. An advisor in another school where I work told me the new entrants into their nursing program are required to bring $700 for 2 pairs each of scrubs, customized school T shirts and pants, shoes, panty hose for ladies and other kits. So you know where i 'm coming from. But I will heed your advise about the $20 scrub though.
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    I personally bought my set for $10 before I came to Tampa. But I am female. There are a couple places around campus to buy scrubs. In university mall (two mins from campus) there is uniform store where I also bought my lab coat. Uniform city was a recommendation given to me by a male classmate. You could always buy them online but I personally need to see what I am buying. As far as shoes I would say buy shoes that will prepare you to stand 12 hours and they need to have minimal other colors (only white). Some instructors can be sticklers about that. When its get cold (I know, we are in FL) I would suggest a long sleeve white undershirt, but that isnt needed now. Be prepared for the 450 kaplan program, you can pay up front or spread it out. Dont go crazy on the stethoscope... no 200 dollar ones, I paid 50 and it works just fine!
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    Quote from FLFish
    My SOAR status changed to ACCEPTED!! yeah: It's been a long road to get to this point... on to the next chapter.
    I start this May. How has it been so far?
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    Hi Sam i am in the process of applying to the school and i was wondering if i will take a&p II over the summer will i be accepted or should i just apply for spring 2014?
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    I'm not sure what the deadline dates are, but I think your pre-reqs have to be complete when you submit your application. An advisor could tell you for sure though.
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    I am applying to USF accelerated BSN - Fall 2013 start date. I reciently was accepeted into the school as an undergraduate transfer, and must wait till April 1 to begin my application!

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