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  1. I won't be applying to nursing school for a couple years (year off and then year to do prereqs). I just wanted to know the GPA of people accepted recently. Right now my gpa is a 3.62, but if I use the forgiveness policy for chem I'm going to bring it up to a 3.77. Do you think that is a competitive gpa? Also, when I called USF they said it was 400 people applying. Do you know if that's annually or per semester?
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    i was accepted in the fall of 2011. my gpa at the time was 3.88. i had one b in the pre reqs. a 3.77 gpa is still competitive. remember acceptance is not only based off gpa overall, but also pre req gpa, personal statement, and resume. from what i remember anywhere between 400-600 students apply each semester. though an adviser told me that many who apply do not qualify because they are missing pre reqs. so, the number of students competing for admission may actually be a lot lower.
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    Are you thinking of applying for the upper division or second degree program?
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    I have all the credits to graduate with a bachelors, but I think I'm going to hold off graduation and apply for the upper division. I don't want to be rushed. My friend did second bachelors at FSU and finished with a 2.7 when her first bachelors was 3.7.
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    I am an upper division student, but I have heard from many second degree students that it has been extremely difficult because of the pace.
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    Quote from taytay05
    Right now my gpa is a 3.62, but if I use the forgiveness policy for chem I'm going to bring it up to a 3.77.
    taytay05- Unfortunately, the Nursing program determines your GPA by using your first attempt grades for a course. So grade forgiveness doesn't really help.

    I have heard that there are students with around a 3.6 GPA. But they must have had an awesome personal state to compete against students with much higher GPA's. I've been accepted for the Fall 2012 Upper Division and my GPA is 3.9 overall, 3.8 pre-req. I also attended SPC for my AA and transferred to USF. Not sure if they look at it but my USF GPA is 4.0. My best suggestion would be to have a few people go over your personal statement AND bring it to the writing center in the library, they are a great resource.

    You can also take Pathophysiology early. I am taking it right now (summer). You would be taking a chance because if for some reason you do not get in the program, it does not transfer. But, on the other hand, when you do get in, you will have one less class to take that first semester. So next semester I will be taking 13 credits instead of 17. I am so glad that I chose to take the class. It has been a great intro into the Nursing program. It is intense but VERY doable (even in the summer). If interested in taking the class, you must go through a nursing advisor in order to get a permit to take the class. There are a limited number of spots available so try to get your permit early.

    I hope that you are successful in getting into the Nursing program!
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    Thanks for the advice. I actually talked to an adviser and she said because I took a biology course before the chem course, the biology would be my first attempt grade. She also said that because USF has a forgiveness policy they would honor it for my cumulative gpa. I literally asked her about this policy in every single form the question could be asked and she said the same thing every time, that the grade forgiveness would be honored for cumulative.
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    I am a prenursing major at USF also and am just curious did you get into the program? My advisor said they do not take grade forgiveness so I am thinking of changing my major already.