USF 2011 Upper Division

  1. I applied to the upper division sequence for the Fall 2011 at USF. I have a GPA of 3.8 and my pre-req GPA is something around a 3.96. I don't have a lot of health care experience, but I hear it's mainly based on GPA. Is that correct? Just wondering what the GPA of everyone is who applied. I'm so nervous waiting to hear back from them because I got rejected from my first choice (UF) and USF is now my only option! The anticipation is killing me
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  3. by   sara566
    Hi Adc719,

    I applied for Fall as well. My Gpa is the same as yours and GPA is a big part, especially your pre-req one. However since they changed the admissions last semester, GPA is no longer the only deciding factor. People last semester had gpa's with 3.9's and high pre-req gpa's that did not get in :uhoh21: The personal statement is now very important, and having experience is also very helpful. If I applied last year, I would have been sure that with our GPA's we would have got in...but now I really dont know. I guess we should be finding out very soon so best of luck to both of us!
  4. by   adc719
    Yikes, that makes me a little more scared. Oh well, it is what is it is, I suppose. I just wish they didn't let us know so late! I feel like if I get in, I'm not going to be able to find a place to live very easily. But good luck to you! I hope we both get in
  5. by   sara566
    Ya I know what you mean! If only we would find out in May or sometime around then to make earlier preparations in case we need to change our majors or go to other nursing schools...As for finding a place if you get in, yes it does suck that it is last minute but I dont think it would be a problem. I've lived here for a while now and there are soo many apartments, condos, and town homes around USF and near the hospitals we would be doing clinicals at so I dont think it would be a problem
  6. by   adc719
    GOT ACCEPTED!! WOOOHOO! The craziness AHHH!