University of South Florida, Upper Division, Summer 2013

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    Hello future nurses!

    I decided to start a thread for all of those applicants applying for this summer entrance. I'm super excited and motivated!

    Post any of your worries, concerns, and everything else.

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    Hi! I am applying for this term at USF also. What do you know about the GPA that accepted students typically have?
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    Good morning Emily,

    Well typically it's a 3.8+ gpa, however the essay is heavily weighted for the application process. I have a 3.75 gpa.
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    Hi all,

    I have heard that the average cumulative GPA is a 3.7, but I have also heard of people with a 3.6 GPA gaining acceptance. I'm not sure what the average GPA for pre-requisites is, but I would imagine it is higher than 3.7. From what I have heard, the essay can really make or break you, so no matter what your GPA is, work hard!

    For the record, I am applying to Fall 2013, so sorry to the OP. I just wanted to add some GPA information based on what I have been told.
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    hey can any1 answer this question for me, i have currently a 3.5 GPA and i really wanna go to USF for nursing, any recommendations, thoughts on what I should do, possibly retake a course?. all my sciences I have straight A's, its the english and psych where i had B and C but human development I got an A. I'm just terrible at English lol
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    For any pre-requisite classes, you will not be able to retake them. I believe they use your first attempt grade.
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    Hi everybody I'm new here in this blog
    can someone tell me how was the NOVA interview, or what was the essay about
    I got my first interview November 2012, but i didn't pass, so this time I would like to be ready
    Thank you
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    I applied! Have you heard back yet?
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    I wonder how many people applied for the Summer 13 since I haven't seen much posts from applicants, if it is harder in the summer than the fall to get in and if they select less students in the summer than the fall. I'm sorry; my mind has been all over the place.
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    Emails are out everyone. Good luck. Hope to see some of yall at orientation.

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