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  1. Hello all nurses/future nurses!

    First off I just want to let everyone know I am new here, so I am excited to talk to you guys and hear all of your opinions! Now I am not sure if I am posting this in the right topic, so if I am not, just point me in the right direction. Anyways, back to the topic. I am an RN student, and I am a year away from graduating. Now many would consider it way too early to consider options after, but I am sort of an over achiever and I want to get through school as soon as I can. I guess I can say I have my heart set on the U (I live in the Tampa Bay area, and no, USF will not suffice). I want to go there to obtain my RN to BSN, and then hopefully get accepted into their CRNA program. Now I have questions for you students/future-students/alumni of the U.

    1. My parents do pretty well financially wise, but not well enough to solely pay for my education at the U (as we all know it is far from cheap), and they do too well for me to receive financial aide. My question is, can the U still be affordable?

    2. If I am an undergrad student at the U, will that make a difference in my chances of getting selected for their CRNA program? I know with some schools and programs that they like to select their undergrads first.

    3. On a scale from 1-10, how awesome is the college life there? Lol. I know this may be kind of a stupid question, but I never got the chance to experience college life (as I slacked big time in High School) and I would love the chance to do it. Of course quality of education is my top priority, but I also want to have a great time and meet new people, and I believe Miami would be a great place for both!

    Anyways, I of course appreciate any feedback! I'll post any other questions I have.
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  3. by   KinkyKurlyRN
    Hey doll!

    I'm sorry I can't answer any of your questions but the really nice people of UM can help you. I lots of people that go have scholarships so start looking into that. And I know how you feel I want to go to UM too. I'm a die heart Canes' Fan! Go U! But it's best to call and find out. Good luck!