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Hi there! I received my acceptance letter for the Summer 2011 Accelerated BSN Program at UM. I was just wondering if anyone who is already in this program could give me some insight on how they like... Read More

  1. by   yunas_mommy
    Thanks ladies. I am hoping for it as well. I stare at my phone everyday hoping for the call that I get the call about my acceptance letter. Lol
  2. by   CanesReina
    I've been accepted as well! Hope to see you in May!
  3. by   CanesReina
    Anyone on FB, my name is Jodi Blake. That would be nice to get to know everyone!
  4. by   lmaria3
    Congratulations Canes Reina.. see you next May
  5. by   lmaria3

    How are you?

    I am sending my Scholarship package application. I have a quick question.For the accelerated BSN scholarship program promisory note, should a state the $39,000 cost of the program in the space provided as the amount of tuition paid to the student? or should I leave it blank? what dis you do?

    [(36 Months - Number of Months Worked at University Prior to Pre-Payment)/36
    Months))* ($ ________amount of tuition paid to student)]

    Thank you very much for all your help!
  6. by   grace390

    I put 39,000 in all the empty spaces
  7. by   grace390

    Congrats on your acceptance. I am on FB as well. My name is Grace-Anne Natalie. Hope to see you in May!!
  8. by   lmaria3
    Thank you very much Grace!.. I just sent my application...let's pray we get the Scholarship.
  9. by   grace390

    Definitely I'm praying on that one because I don't know about that much money for the bsn, especially since I'm trying to the msn part time while working right after. I really hope we get some form of relief
  10. by   lmaria3
    what msn program would you like to attend? I would like to do one right after, but I am going to have to wait. I am 30, just got married a year ago, and I guess after graduation I would have to wait a couple of years since I would like to have a baby. at least, I did the MBA and hopefully I can use it within the Nursing profession. I am very happy about starting school in May.
  11. by   grace390

    Congrats on recently tying the knot! I am a decade younger than you lol, but I understand wanting to have a baby . They are so cute lol.. I am sure you will be able to use the MBA and may not even have to get an msn unless you want to be a NP, CNM, or CRNA. After working at the bedside as an RN for 3-5 years I am sure you would be able to apply for a management position in nursing. They make just as much as NP's if not more. My aunt is a Nurse manager at South Miami Hospital and her pay after taxes is about 96k. I really wanted to get the masters in nurse midwifery, but due to the economy and Florida's stipulations, I am leaning towards getting the FNP, and possibly just working in womens health or pediatrics for now till the economy starts to turn around. I tend to be practical, although I love the specialty, the jobs just aren't there right now so marketability is key .
  12. by   lmaria3
    That is great that you plan on continuing with the master right after you finish the program. I want to see what I like while I am in the program. For now, I expect to combine the MBA with Nursing one day.

    I received an e-mail from the Scholarship coordinator confirming that she received my application. She said that by February they will notify us of the date we have to interview, which would be in March.

    Yunas, keep us posted if you receive your acceptance letter.
  13. by   grace390

    I got the same email today! Your stuff got their quick! lol Yes I want to continue right away while the brain is still young, and info still fresh. Mf bf and I are holding off on marriage till we both become established so I'd definitely like to be done with school forever and in a good NP position by 25/26 because I do agree with you its important to start your family. I hope we get this scholarship or get into FAU, whichever but 13,000 in loan just for one semester- Murder. Im gonna save for living expenses now while I have a job, but still , The entire FAU tuition for 55 credits is still under 13K...


    Yeah, keep us posted.