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Hi there! I received my acceptance letter for the Summer 2011 Accelerated BSN Program at UM. I was just wondering if anyone who is already in this program could give me some insight on how they like... Read More

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    Hey, has anyone gotten their fingerprints sent to the School of Nursing? How long did the FBI take to send your information? I'm worried about the deadlin

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm currently in the ABSN program right now getting ready to graduate in May, and I just wanted to say congrats to everyone on getting in. If anyone has any questions about the program, don't hesitate to ask. I know I was picking as many peoples brains before hand as I could! As for the scholarship, you can definitely do the FNP program part time while still fulfilling your 3 year commitment, you'll just have to take out loans/pay for it yourself

    Best of luck!
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    Hey, for some reason it won't let me respond back via message so email me @ so I can respond to your PM : )
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    Hi Kanders10

    I will be emailing you about UM!! You probably can't receiving via PM because I think you have to have 15 posts before you can do that.....look forward to communicating with you and thanks for the offer!!
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    I just emailed you Kanders10
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    hi everyone!!

    Im soooo happy this website exists haha I got accepted to the ABSN program for May 2011

    I cant wait to move down to Miami!! Facebook me...Christine Haungs
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    Hi everybody!!!!

    I will be attending the ABSN program in May 2011 as well. I am very excited, but a little nervous since I'm moving down there from Massachusetts. I can't wait to not have to see another snowflake for at least 12 months!! I just joined the facebook group and can't wait to meet everyone.
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    Hey everyone,

    Has anyone purchased the books for the summer term. If you have are these the correct ISBN numbers for the following courses?

    NUR307 AP: 9780135089811
    NUR314 DS: 9781437756845
    NUR315 AP: 9781582557243

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    For those that have been accepted what were your gpa's also does anyone know how many people are chosen for the scholarship?
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    Can people that were accepted into the May ABSN program post there GPA's and and how many courses they had outstanding when they were accepted to UM?

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