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Hi there! I received my acceptance letter for the Summer 2011 Accelerated BSN Program at UM. I was just wondering if anyone who is already in this program could give me some insight on how they like it. Some of my main questions... Read More

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    Quote from lmaria3
    Hi Grace,

    I am planning on sending my scholarship application by the middle of this week. I really hope I can get it because I do not want to be in debt after I graduate. Do you know how difficul is to be selected for this scholarship? I just want to be prepared. In case I am not selected, what are our other possibilities? I guess financial Aid (Stanford loans since we already have a bachelor.) I have heard that they just give you 12,500 per year, and since this will not cover the value of the tuition. I would have to go for private loans. do you know of any other type of financial aid available? Let's pray we can get this Scholarship.
    Hi Lmaria,

    I sent mine in on Friday by priority mail with delivery confirmation so I can be sure they get it. I suggest that you do the same . I have been searching high and low trying to find information about getting the scholarship and there is nothing. I have emailed the recruiter several times and received no response. I assume she is very busy and did not want to get off on the wrong foot so I just left it alone. It seems overall that it has gotten more difficult to get the scholarship over the years. I know last year they did not require interviews, they just selected the winners. I do believe that this is not necessarily a bad thing, I just hope we get interviews to show them who we are, and that we are serious about making a contribution to the nursing profession. If also plan to apply for the HRSA nursing scholarship program through the federal government, I know they weight it mostly on your efc so I am not sure what your situation is but they prefer efc of 0. I also suggest applying to all those small scholarships for $100- $2500. You never know if you may get one, Free money is free money. If scholarships do not work out for me my plan is to look into Graduate PLUS loans. They are offered through the federal government and say they cover cost of attendance less other financial aid. The credit check on those loans are far less stringent and I believe the interest rates are lower. If somehow you do not qualify for the full amount in Graduate PLUS due to loans from your MBA or such, then I would suggest private loans. I have been looking into Discover Student Loans so far but I will be sure to compare all of the values. A local credit union may even give a better value. The HRSA also has a loan repayment program for nurses which you can look into after graduating if we have to take out loans and do not get the UM scholarship or HRSA scholarship. I think you have to work in an underserved area for 2 years and they pay 60% of your loans with the option to sign on for a third year and they pay an additional 25% of loan balance accumulated during nursing school. Try for the small scholarship search as well as the UM website.

    Hope this helps some =)

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    You cannot imgine how much I appreciate this valuable information. I will pray for us to get this scholarship. FAU is a better option for me due the cost and proximity, but I am not over confident about FAU. I am just happy that I was accepted to UM. I just want to start working on the scholarships and loans. I really hope I do not have to get a lot of loans since I already have $20,000 debt in student loans. If in my searching process I find out about something, I will let you know. Thank you very much for all your help!
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    Lmaria, don't forget to include me in your prayers! Lol

    Grace, all of your posts have been extremely helpful. I am thankful you are here providing such great and detailed info...

    The last thing I have to say is, I am getting mad with all of these holidays holding up the USPS!
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    No problem and Thanks so much. I do hope you get into FAU if its your first choice though because thats how i felt about UM.


    Thanks At least here you guys will listen lol. My boyfriends tired of hearing me gab about nursing school. I know the mail is so slow sometimes, but when you least expect it is when it should surprise you. Not many people said they got a letter since the beginning of Jan so hopefully you are in the next batch!
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    Thanks Grace. My husband is feeling the same way Yunas, you are in my prayers... let's hope for a letter this week
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    Thanks ladies. I am hoping for it as well. I stare at my phone everyday hoping for the call that I get the call about my acceptance letter. Lol
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    I've been accepted as well! Hope to see you in May!
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    Anyone on FB, my name is Jodi Blake. That would be nice to get to know everyone!
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    Congratulations Canes Reina.. see you next May
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    How are you?

    I am sending my Scholarship package application. I have a quick question.For the accelerated BSN scholarship program promisory note, should a state the $39,000 cost of the program in the space provided as the amount of tuition paid to the student? or should I leave it blank? what dis you do?

    [(36 Months - Number of Months Worked at University Prior to Pre-Payment)/36
    Months))* ($ ________amount of tuition paid to student)]

    Thank you very much for all your help!
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