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Hi there! I received my acceptance letter for the Summer 2011 Accelerated BSN Program at UM. I was just wondering if anyone who is already in this program could give me some insight on how they like it. Some of my main questions... Read More

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    Lmaria what is your name on fb? I'd like to talk to you more..still haven't got word but I will know in a week or so I'm thinking. Lmk

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    sure, My name on facebook is Lina M Zapata
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    What are my chances to get into this program with a cumulative GPA: 3.45 and a Pre-req GPA: 3.70... I applied by the March 1st deadline, does anyone know by when I would be notify? Also can anyone tell me their experience on getting into the program as well as their gpa and pre-req gpa they were accepted with?
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    Hey there,
    Does anyone have information on the Scholarship panel interview. What kind of questions do they ask? Any details would be greatly appreciated
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    Hi I just found out today I got into the Accelerated BSN program for the summer.
    I was just curious to thoughts on the program. I graduated from UF with my BSBA last year and will have to pay for this program entirely through financial aid then pay it back myself. I was just wondering thoughts on if it was worth it or not.
    I also applied to Jacksonville University and it is the same price but I am from Jacksonville and could save money on living expenses here, but I do think UM has a better program.
    Also, where do people live that is near campus and relatively reasonable. Thanks!
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    chelsea and anyone else, do they notify you by email first or do you just get a letter in the mail? thanks
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    you see the letter in My UM website first. And also, they mail you the letter.
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    Hi there! I was also just accepted and can't wait to meet all of my fellow Canes!!
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    any of your been offered the scholarship interviews for the 3 year commitment after graduation? What were your stats like? Do you think its worth it? Do you think you can also pursue their fnp program part time at the same time? What are the hospitals nearby that they would potentially put you in like? Do you get to choose the department?
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    Hello SeattletoMiami,

    Please contact me if you are still interested in Housing in Miami.

    you can pm me or email me at


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