UNF - what did you get on your teas? prereqs?

  1. Hi,
    So I just took my UNF TEAS today. Which percentage is the one that counts? I got a 93% National Rank and it says my "adjusted individual score" was an 88.2%

    If you were -or- were not accepted to UNF what was your overall gpa? prereq gpa? and your teas score?
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  3. by   mayam
    I have applied to UNF BSN-Preliscensure. I hope I get in. I have heard it is really competitive. Anyway, I have a 3.86 GPA and scored in the 84% on the TEAS. I should have studied but my child was very ill for a while.
  4. by   mayam
    Has anyone received a letter regarding acceptance or denial for the interview at UNF?
    They said letters should go out in the middle of February. How does UNF configure it's point system? Through prerequisite GPA or overall GPA? LOL, what is a good TEAS score for UNF. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  5. by   taffyflorida
    Hi! I do know they look at the pre-req gpa for interview selection. For the Accelerated Track - the overall gpa cannot be less than 3.0. (no prob for you) I received an invitation for an interview today. I hope yours is in the mailbox.

    Your gpa and teas scores are great - and better than mine. All the best, and let me know how it all works out for you!
  6. by   mayam
    I just wanted to say I got my letter in today for an interview. It will be at 9:30 am on March 13th. I am so excited! I wish the best of luck to you as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I only applied to JU and UNF. Thanks for your reply.
  7. by   taffyflorida
    Awesome. Let me know how your interview goes...mine is a few hours later than yours. Hear anything about format of interview and how to prepare?

    Have you been to the school lately? Its a bit of a maze with all the road construction.
  8. by   beerackett
    I'm going for the regular prelicensure track and I got my acceptance letter yesterday. Is anyone's interview March 13th at 8:30 a.m.? It was a great valentines day gift Goodluck everybody!
  9. by   mayam
    I haven't been to UNF in the last month but they did mention the construction issues in the letter. I plan to leave extra early so I'm not late for the interview. The website for UNF said that one should prepare with mock interviews. I had an interview earlier this month with JU. Some of the questions they asked was; why do want to be a nurse, tell me a time in your life you showed leadership abilities, what sets you apart from everyone else who is applying to nursing school, name a time you have directly impacted another persons life and how? I also had to write an essay on one of the topics they preselected. I practiced on how to answer the question at home, but I wrote something very different. I tried to answer the question from my heart rather than a polished well-written answer. I hope that didn't hurt my chances. Anyway, I was very nervous at JU because I have never been through an interview of that nature. I think that answering questions honestly and using proper grammer to communnicate will help. I can't say for sure if I communicated very well because I was so nervous. I hope the experience from JU will help with the interview for UNF.
  10. by   mayam
    If anyone receives any news fron JU, please let me know!
  11. by   naominurse0
    The coordinator told me that your GPA doesn't matter, only a benchmark. It has to be over 3.0. After that, it's irrelevant supposedly. They give you the same amount of points for a 3.0 and higher. This must be why people keep posting that people with high GPA's didn't get in; they must have gotten lower on other parts of the point system. They look at the GPA of ALL the classes you ever took on all your transcripts combined, not just from your BA program you graduated from. I got an interview letter. My GPA was a 3.1 because I attended 6 schools! My BA GPA was a 3.7 or something. But that didn't matter. Then you get points for TEAS, prerequisites completed with above a certain grade, being a resident, and I forget what else. Good luck!
    I want to know about accreditation at UNF and working in other states after you graduate. Anyone know about that? How about scholarships for the ABSN program?
  12. by   taffyflorida
    best of luck on your interview!
  13. by   naominurse0
    Thank you !! Good luck to you too. : )
  14. by   mayam
    Did any of you apply to JU? Chris at JU said that we should be receiving acceptance or denial letters within the next two weeks. I am eargerly waiting. If any of you applied to JU and receive any news, please let me know. I wish all of you the best of luck for the upcoming UNF interview.