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Hi, So I just took my UNF TEAS today. Which percentage is the one that counts? I got a 93% National Rank and it says my "adjusted individual score" was an 88.2% If you were -or- were not... Read More

  1. by   naominurse0
    Congratulations to everyone. I wouldn't worry if you didn't get in, because there are so many people who applied more than one place or just arent really going to attend, so by the time Fall comes around you will no doubt get in. I got into UNF too, but I am leaning still toward UF. UNF does have scholarship money I just found out, but it's very competitive based on need and performance, and the most is 2500 and that is not guarenteed. UF financial aid office told me they are raising their tuition 15% possibley, according to something going on in FL where all the schools have the option to raise tuition up to 15%. I don't know yet if UNF is doing the same, but I put an email out to find out. :wink2::wink2:
  2. by   LouiseJakobsen
    Quote from mayam
    Congrats Louise87. I really want to go to JU, I'm just hoping I can get enough financial aid. Either way, I have to make up my mind by April 1st. That is the deadline for JU.
    Well, I hope you can get the financial aid so you can attend JU. But... if you decide to attend UNF.... I have made a new thread titled "UNF summer 2009" as a way for us to introduce ourselves to one another, ask questions and just talk about UNF nursing in general... I doubt all 48 that were admitted use allnurses.com, but even if just a couple do it, it would be cool!

    Good luck with the aid!
  3. by   mayam
    It looks as though I will have enough financial aid through loans and scholarships for spring and fall terms. However, it's not looking so good for the summer term. I'm about 2,000 short. I don't think I'm going to be able to attend JU. There is not enough aid available for Summer. Do you know anything about the clinicals and classes at UNF. Is it only during the weekday? and what hours are clinicals taking place?
  4. by   LouiseJakobsen
    MAYAM -

    Do you have an N# for UNF? What I did today was looked at the general information for the BSN program... it says what classes you take during each semester. I wrote down the ones for first semester and then logged into MyWings and searched for classes.... Now, it says there are six classes in the first semester. I searched for each one and found them all except one didn't show any classes period. The clinical class search showed 6 classes. Either Tuesday or Wednesday from 6:45 am till 12:30 pm. There are 3 on tues and 3 on wed (same times, different rooms).

    But just search each class in the class search and write them all down... you can try making a schedule that way... I tried... it seems pretty hard to make a good schedule. OHH and look at the date the classes ENDS. Some end 6/19 and others end 7/31. Also, "MC" = main campus and "SHJ" = SHANDS. One of the classes is held downtown at Shands... rather than on the main campus.

    ....This all is based on me assuming you are going into the prelicensure and NOT the accelerated? But you could search accelerated if that is the program you were accepted to...
  5. by   mayam
    It is the prelicensure program. I emailed Kathy Bloom at UNF and she said that the hours can vary from week to week. She said that I must have a very flexible work scheule. Being accepted into two nursing schools should make me the happiest person right now, but it's not. Not that I'm not grategul. The fact is, I have three children and I have to work. With that in mind, I need a set schedule. JU offers that, school/clinicals are monday through thursday only. UNF is the opposite with no fixed schedule and lots of community service. My boss won't go for that, if I still have a job there next month. I may have to look for a new one. Taffy, I hope you get in next term. It sounds like you are a good person at heart and any school would be foolish not to accept you.
  6. by   GracieGrace
    I will be applying for fall 2010 to the pre-licen... UNF.I know it is very competitive can anyone tell me if they got accepted or had an interview with a GPA less or equal to 3.70 or if anyone knows someone who got accepted with a 3.70
    Thank you
  7. by   taffyflorida
    yes, it's possible. I had a gpa less than 3.7 and my teas results were middle range.

    The college offers mock interviews which is an important part of the interview process. Good luck.
  8. by   GracieGrace
    Thanks Taffy I am glad to know that it is possible... I will start studying for the teas ASAP. I got the book this week... I so want to be a Nurse wish me luck. R u now in the program?
  9. by   taffyflorida
    I just finished up first semester at UNF. I'm on break until the New Year. Best of luck to you.
  10. by   GracieGrace
    Oh WOW congrats
    thanks I do need luck on my side... for MDC ADN program fall 2009 the cut was 3.8.... something that's scary. Well enjoy your break and good luck going into second semester
  11. by   2BUSY4ME
    Been following your thread. Back to the beginning..I am currently applying. Received my TEAS scores today: Does UNF count Adjusted Individual Score or Percentile Rank Program to calculate for admissions?
  12. by   TheRaven714
    hi i am a high school senior interested in going to UNF and becoming a nurse. i dont understand some things about the application process though: do i apply for the bsn prelicensure after my core classes? i am preparing for a 4year program, how should i go about trying to get in?
    thank you
    -raven nicole
  13. by   tnbutterfly
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