UF Transfer Process Question?

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    Hi all -

    I am applying to UF for Fall 2013 as a nursing hopeful. My admissions status says that it has referred the decision to my college. I have a silly question:

    Does this mean that I go ahead and fill out the nursing application, or do I wait on a general admissions decision before I can actually apply?

    I realize that I can call Admissions and find this out, but as of right now the office is closed and I was hoping to get an answer tonight. If not, I will be calling in the morning. I am just getting anxious because the application is due March 1.

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    Go ahead and fill out the nursing application.
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    Again, thank you so much! Good luck to you!
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    Good luck to you too!

    Where are you transferring from, if you don't mind?
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    Oh nice. Are you applying to usf's CON too?
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    Yep! Are you by, chance?
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    No just UF and UCF
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    I'm a transfer applying from Santa Fe too!

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