UF Transfer Process Question?

  1. Hi all -

    I am applying to UF for Fall 2013 as a nursing hopeful. My admissions status says that it has referred the decision to my college. I have a silly question:

    Does this mean that I go ahead and fill out the nursing application, or do I wait on a general admissions decision before I can actually apply?

    I realize that I can call Admissions and find this out, but as of right now the office is closed and I was hoping to get an answer tonight. If not, I will be calling in the morning. I am just getting anxious because the application is due March 1.
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  3. by   Katsmeow
    Go ahead and fill out the nursing application.
  4. by   usfgirl
    Again, thank you so much! Good luck to you!
  5. by   Katsmeow
    Good luck to you too!

    Where are you transferring from, if you don't mind?
  6. by   usfgirl
  7. by   Katsmeow
    Oh nice. Are you applying to usf's CON too?
  8. by   usfgirl
    Yep! Are you by, chance?
  9. by   Katsmeow
    No just UF and UCF
  10. by   SFChopeful2013
    I'm a transfer applying from Santa Fe too!