UF BSN 2018

  1. I wanted to start a thread for UF Traditional BSN 2018 since applications open tomorrow. Who is applying??
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  3. by   flgatornurse
    i'm applying as a transfer student! is anyone else having difficulty accessing the application?
  4. by   Futurenurse246
    Yes! I only see the graduate programs listed. I guess I will check back next week.
  5. by   STEFHMARIE
    The application is still not up on the NursingCAS website, but I'm going to log in often and update as soon as I see a change.
  6. by   conklin
    I couldn't find the application either. I emailed the advisor. Hopefully the application will be up soon.
  7. by   flgatornurse
    It's available now!
  8. by   Futurenurse246
    Does anyone know how many pre-nursing students currently attend UF?