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    I am a little confused - do we apply to the CON before receiving a general admissions decision?

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    Yes you do
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    Ok, good to know. Thank you! I noticed that my status said the decision had been referred to my college and the transfer page didn't necessarily say we had to be admitted to apply. Again, thank you. I will be filling out the application very, very soon.
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    You're welcome

    I'm also a transfer student and I applied to the nursing school before I was accepted to UF. As long as you have a ufid you can apply.
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    For the questions on the app, what do you think is an acceptable format? I mean, it say's "list," but I don't know if that literally means to list volunteer experiences, etc. My gut says to go with a paragraph form. Any advice?
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    I did paragraph form on mine.
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    I probably will do the same. Thanks, you are so helpful!
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    No problem. Here to help
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    One last question, and I will leave you alone

    Have you heard about any specific things that the admissions people look for in our responses?
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    The only thing I know is that there are not many spots for transfer students. Most seats are reserved for current UF students.

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