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    I sent my application in this afternoon. Now the waiting begins. This program is my first choice! I've heard nothing but great things and the nclex pass rate is awesome. Good luck to you

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    Good luck everyone! I was in your shoes last year, except not having to go through the whole interview process. I am currently in the program, and I can reassure you that although waiting is terrible and quite exhausting, every second is worth it! The program is truly amazing! So again, best of luck, and I hope to see you all around in the Fall
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    Thank you!

    What did you do while you waited to pass the time? Lol

    I ordered the anatomy and physiology coloring books off amazon to keep my brain fresh of the material.
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    Waiting...... -___- Hopefully this 6 weeks goes by quick! My roommate is currently in the BASIC BSN, just started last fall. she said it took exactly 6 weeks for her to hear back! Lets hope its not the full 8 lol. Everybodys Stats?

    TEAS- 83.3
    OVERALL GPA- about 3.7
    PRE REQ GPA - 4.0

    Hope my stats make me a good competitor! Good luck everybody!!

    Also I have a question, does anybody know, when we hear back with the results, the way they do it is we either have a chance to do an interview, we do the interview, then either get waitlisted or get accepted into the program. I was wondering, when they tell us the results, will it be either, no interview, waitlist, interview, or, we are waitlisted after the interview. Sorry, tried to explain it the best I can haha
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    My stats:
    TEAS 84.7
    Overall gpa 3.87
    Pre-req/science gpa 4.0

    We have similar stats. And I believe they will notify us by email if we are invited for the interview. I'm not exactly sure but I think they decide on those provisionally accepted and wait listed after the interviews. I could be wrong.
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    Hey guys,

    I'm applying to both accelerated and basic BSN.
    The way they have been doing it so far is:
    1. They invite twice as many people as there are available spots in the program. At least that's what's happened in cocoa last fall (56 seats, over 100 interviewed)
    Orlando basic accommodates 200 nursing students every recruiting period, however that would mean that they would invite about 400 candidates? Sounds awfully a lot, doesn't it?
    2. After interviews, there is period of up to 2 weeks during which they should contact those who were provisionally accepted as well as those who were waitlisted.

    Basic program is my second option but I've been following blogs here and there...
    Good luck to all!!
    We all need it; UCF nursing program has very good ratings statewide and more and more competitive candidates apply to it. It's very obvious from seeing everyone's stats in here.

    My stats:
    Teas: 86
    Overall GPA- 3.91
    Prerequisite- 4.0

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    400 people interviewed in one day???? That sounds like a lot.
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    That's what I'm thinking. Then again. We don't know how many candidates there really are.

    Also, something just occurred to me. Those who apply to both programs that is to accelerated and basic will already be interviewed on march 22 for the accelerated program. I don't think you need two interviews even if you're applying to both programs. So this might bring the number down.

    Whatever way they decide to do it they better have a good system. Lol
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    Haha yeah. But then again they do them in groups so that might help with the large volume of applicants....
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    Oh wow! Yeah that sounds like it would make sense. I wonder how many people on average apply to the programs each cycle?!

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