Traviss Career Center - lpn prog

  1. Anybody here who is currently enrolled or has finished the LPN program in Traviss Career Center?
    I would like some info on how you studied for the NVL test. Also, what immunizations do they require you to have? My goal is to be accepted into the program for this coming Dec.
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  3. by   ljwright1211
    I am getting ready to start the LPN program at traviss and was wondering if you could give me a list of books needed? On my preperation letter it just says to go to the traviss online book store, but I couldn't find a list anywhere. Thanks.
  4. by   sunshine3076
    I would like to know any info. on Travis carreer center.. some students mentioned taking the NVL test, but their website says you need the TABE and if you have an AA you dont need to take it. Can any one tell me a little more about it I contacted the school and left a message. How long is the day program? and how hard was to get in. Specially the entrance test, What are the hours for the LPN day program? Thank you in advance