Traviss Career Center Night LPN Program

  1. Hi, Can someone please give me some information about the night LPN program at Traviss Career Center in Lakeland, FL? I am attending an information meeting in January but I am trying to work out my work schedule, class schedule, and budget for when I start the program in July.

    I was wondering what is the school schedule like? how are clinic hours scheduled? how competitive is the program? Do they help you with career placement? Do they help you with financial aid?

    Any information about this program would be helpful
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  3. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    I know several people who attend the evening program at Traviss. I personally attended the daytime program, so I can't tell you too much about the evening program.
    What I do know...they do accept financial aid. The overall cost isn't too bad (under $3K). As far as competitive, it's not. The daytime program accepts students based on a point system, but I'm not sure how the evening program accepts students. I believe the last evening class had 9 people, so I wouldn't imagine the same system applied. Clinicals are on Saturdays, class is Monday-Thursday (may have a clinical day thrown in there too, not sure). They do not help with job placement, but I started applying for jobs two weeks before graduation, and was hired the day after graduation.
  4. by   Dayna M'chyelle
    How was your experience at Traviss? I applied there for the day program, and hopefully I will start in November. (fingers crossed)