Transfer credit problems. HELP

  1. Does anyone have any experience with transfer credit issues? I took a few classes at a school in TN that went by quarters, and then transferred to Florida State college in Jacksonville. I am applying for the second time to the nursing program there, and my concern is that 2 of my classes transferred as 2.6 credits but need to be 3 credits. What do I do? Am I SOL and being forced to pick a different major? No one in advising is of any help. They flat out say that they have no clue. Also, I spoke with the head of the nursing department and they were no help. Anyone had this problem that can tell me what I need to do to resolve this, or anything??
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  3. by   honeybadgerdontcare
    I can tell you from experience that if it's a school that's accredited by the same institution as FSCJ (SACS) they should transfer without issue. They took all my credits from a TN CC (as did UNF on my transfer evaluation). If the director of admissions for the nursing program isn't sure, try going to student services/advising and finding out which entity is responsible for the evaluation. You might have to produce the syllabus for the one class to prove that it's equivalent to the one offered in Florida colleges.
  4. by   Elizabethan
    Although they are the same classes, the TN school went by quarters and not semesters which is why I only received half credit. who would I talk to about maybe re-taking those classes?