Seminole State - UCF Concurrent BSN Spring 2013 - page 5

Hello everyone that is applying in September for the SSC/UCF program. I wanted to start a board to communicate with the spring 2013 applicants. I'm done with my prerequisites and preparing the... Read More

  1. by   berick
    They started sending out emails.. I'm an alternate :/
  2. by   jv713
    guys!! they emailed us! check your emails!! i was put on the waitlist...... not sure if i should be excited or not
  3. by   jv713
    @berick... me too. idk how to react lol
  4. by   lostinfl
    I got in to both programs!!!! I am still finishing UCF prereqs...and get my AA in December.
  5. by   berick
    Honestly I wasnt thinking I'd even get in bc I have a bad overall GPA due to my pervious major which was engineering. So Im thankful that I got waitlisted.. Really really hope to get in though.
  6. by   jv713
    honestly same with me, i was so scared i wasnt going to get in because i am in my last pre-req still and i kniow they look at that heavily! so i am thankful too i was waitlisted... i emailed the nursing staff to see how many people were waitlisted,maybe we can get a number? did they tell you what number on the waitlist you were? they didnt tell me... but how big of a list do you think it is? lol idk how to take this!
  7. by   hopingtobeaccepted
    OMG I didn't even want to open the email...but I got accepted into both!! Thank You God!
  8. by   jv713
    Congrats to those who got in!!! Just a question... when is your deadline to RSVP?! Im trying to figure out a close date on when they will start to contact alternatives... thanks guys!
  9. by   lostinfl
    The deadline is 11/2/12 to accept or decline the seat.
  10. by   TravelPrincess
    I was also placed on the waitlist for BSN and an alternate for RN. I have denied two times prior so I am happy about this one! I hope I get in this time!
  11. by   jv713
    @Travelprincess... did they tell you what position on the waitlist you were!? like toward the bottom or top?
  12. by   dawniepoo
    Congrats to all you guys who got accepted! I'm very happy for you. I was on the alternate list before I got in, so I know exactly how you guys feel! They never told me what position I was on the list. They were very hush hush. I got the most answers from the UCF side of the program. They just told me I was very close to the top. As people decline their seats they will get a better idea of who they need to contact. Good luck!!!!!!!
  13. by   riverab92
    ok so i only got an email by ucf,... stating I was conditionally accepted and need to rsvp by 11/2 to keep the seat they offered me. am i still supposed to get one by scc or ? is this good enough for me to say im in?