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Hello everyone that is applying in September for the SSC/UCF program. I wanted to start a board to communicate with the spring 2013 applicants. Iím done with my prerequisites and preparing the take the TEAS now. I'm excited... Read More

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    I applied the first day the application window opened. I was also in a weird coincidence the very 1st person to turn in an application. I too am curious as to how many people applied.

    Good luck to all applicants!
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    Good luck to everyone!!

    I submitted my concurrent ucf app yesterday and will be dropping off my ssc application today. I had some doubts about the GPA question in the ucf application and was wondering if anyone else questioned this as well... I have not taken any classes at ucf and at the time of application I believe my overall gpa has not yet been recalculated by ucf. The ucf nursing app asks for your overall gpa so i simply used my seminole state gpa. Is this how others interpreted this as well?

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    Yes Val,

    I put my cumulative GPA on my UCF application. They will most likely compare them to the transcripts you send them anyways.

    Good luck!
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    I turned in my application on Tuesday at the Oviedo campus and only about 30 people had turned theirs in so far
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    Hi Everyone,

    I turned my application in on Sept. 11 for the concurrent SCC/UCF program for Spring 2013. It feels like it is taking forever to get a response! My GPA is a 3.2, I got a 78 on the TEAS, and my last prerequisites were finished in Fall 2011. I hope that makes me a strong Candidate, but with only 75 seats I know thatís wishful thinking. Has anyone received their letter yet? It would be neat if we all post when we do! I was looking back at the same forum for 2011 and it was Nov 7th and some people had not heard back yet EEEEK!
    Good Luck to all of you Soon to Be Nurses! Can't Wait
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    Anyone have a chance to attend a UCF info session? Any insight or info on the selection process for ucf you can share?
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    I attended a UCF nursing info session. It was in a huge room, and the campus is a bit overwhelming so get there early. First they played the fight song that they play at the games and taught us the words. After that the president welcomed us. Then different people from different departments spoke to us, and we broke off into groups depending on our major. Then the academic advisors helped us sign up for classes Then they served lunch, spaghetti. It was a serve yourself buffet. After lunch the room turned into a type of vendor show they had tables all around the room with free stuff, and you could walk from one to the next and get stuff. Then I went and picked picked up my student id card and went home. I have all my pre reqs done for the bsn concurrent program but they let me sign up for 2 elective classes that are required for the BSN, so i'm in those now getting a head start.
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    Hello all!

    I am also waiting to hear back from the UCF/SSC concurrent program. Livingadream- we have about the same gpa and teas scores. My gpa is slightly lower. My prereqs were finished in Spring 2010 though. I have a question - when you were looking to see when they found out was it for the concurrent program? Because I know that the concurrent program finds out sooner than RN. When I submitted my application it said 4-6 weeks. Just curious. thanks!
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    Yes I am sure. I just did it again just to make sure. If you type "concurrent SCC/UCF program" in the AllNurses Search box you will see the posts from previous years. I am hoping to hear back by Nov 7th based on the past history of these decisions .
    It is Taking Forever and its killing me lol! Hey we may be in the program together =D
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    Hey guys! I cannot wait any longer to hear back! Hopefully it IS 4 to 6 weeks I don't know if I can wait til November lol. Anyways, I had applied with a 3.67 GPA and 78.7 on my TEAS. I am finishing up my last pre req right now, Human Nutrition. I hope I am a good candidate for Spring 2013, anybody have any idea on how many applied exactly?! Good luck to you all! Jackie

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