Santa Fe College LPN Hopefulls 2014

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    Hey anybody else out there apply to the Santa Fe College LPN program for 2014?

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    Yes I applied!! I just really want to find out, I'm excited.
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    Im guessing that they are waiting until after spring break. .
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    Looking at the Facebook page the last 2 years they sent letters march.22nd last year and a little later than that the year before. Im not sure what could take so long
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    Was this your first time applying to one of the health programs?
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    Yeah this is my first time applying.
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    HOLY CRAP WHAT IS TAKING SO DARN LONG!!! It been almost a month since the deadline.
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    Facebook page said they are hopefully sending them out this Friday the 14th, but they will update when they do send them!!!
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    Just so you know I got my letter and I got in! So they definitely sent them out Friday!
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    Congratulations! I got in too!
    They took 24 out of 56 applicants. Its going to be a small class.
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