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Hey guys! I've been looking for a thread on students trying to get into the LPN/Practical Nursing program at Santa Fe College and I haven't come upon one yet so I figured I'd make one! I took the KAPLAN yesterday and just applied... Read More

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    I got my letter.... I was accepted... I spoke with a counselor and he thought I would be very competitive for the RN program this year..... I think I have come to the decision that I am going to decline this acceptance and pray for acceptance in the RN program. I hope I am making the right choice...... I feel sick just thinking about it.

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    Congrats! I think you are making the right choice. If he told you that I am sure he knows you will most likely get in! I will pray that you get into the RN program!! Good luck!
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    @LPNhopefullSFC did your friend who was put on the alternate list find out any information about shots or background check.
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    yay congrats!! and no, she did not. did they email you back?
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    No email yet. I am trying to be patient! lol Have you finished your immunizations and everything?
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    no i haven't even started! i also thought that i didn't have to call to schedule an appointment for a background screening till April 19th. but i just looked and we were suppossed to do it by april 5th! it says if you dont do it by the deadline you could be forfeiting your seat in the program so now i'm very nervous. i'm calling as soon as i get out of class but now i'm 7 days late! :/
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    Oh no! I hope everything works out!
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    they still let me go (: have you found out if you got in yet??
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    Is anyone on this post planning on applying to LPN to RN bridge for Fall 2014?

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