Santa Fe College LPN 2013 hopefuls - page 3

Hey guys! I've been looking for a thread on students trying to get into the LPN/Practical Nursing program at Santa Fe College and I haven't come upon one yet so I figured I'd make one! I took the... Read More

  1. by   khall23
    Oh no! I hope everything works out!
  2. by   LPNhopefullSFC
    they still let me go (: have you found out if you got in yet??
  3. by   catlover22
    Is anyone on this post planning on applying to LPN to RN bridge for Fall 2014?
  4. by   Risaaterisa1
    Did you end up applying/get in? I got in to this years 2015.
  5. by   GodFutureNurse
    Does anyone know how to apply for the Kaplan test and how much is the cost?