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Anyone else applying to Santa Fe in Florida for 2013?... Read More

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    I'm just checking in because I'm curious too. I think I have 72 points. Can't wait to hear. I'm in China now so I will have to wait until my mom gets my mail
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    So hopefully they are sending out next week, last year they received their letters around june 8
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    i called they said mid-june...that seems soooooo far away!
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    Hello there Ms. Wooten! I had to create an account when I seen you on here! lol This is making me anxious. I just want to find out already.
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    Letters are being mailed out June 10th!!!
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    AHHHHHHHHH Nervous now!
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    monday seems so far away...but by this time next week we will know our futures
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    I've never wanted a weekend to be over so badly...
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    I have a friend that got his letter today (in Gainesville) and he did not get in... Now I'm nervous
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    I'm an alternate

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