Santa Fe College ASN 2013 - page 6

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  1. by   SFChopeful2013
    Congrats Ian!!!
  2. by   IanHiggins
    Thank you SFChopeful, good luck when you get yours. I'm sorry you know they are out there. I'm sure the wait is going to be unbearable.
  3. by   SFChopeful2013
    You have no idea Ian, at the bar now!
  4. by   IanHiggins
    Haha, I had to get a case of beer as well just to celebrate.
  5. by   SFChopeful2013
    You deserve it!
  6. by   jriver38
    I'm hoping for drop outs but I wonder why people would give up their spots
  7. by   SFChopeful2013
    I hear people drop out because they decide nursing just isn't for them.
  8. by   SFChopeful2013
    Or they get into a different nursing program that they preferred over sf
  9. by   jriver38
    Well hopefully they find out soon and I don't have to wait too long ill keep y'all posted
  10. by   KP2013
    I just found out I got in as well! Congrats everybody! Hope everyone on here eventually gets a spot
  11. by   jriver38
    So do y'all think they will tell me where I am on the list or is that confidential?
  12. by   SFChopeful2013
    Congrats KP!! And jriver, I think that you should go in to the health sciences guidance office and say that you are an alternate and would like to go over your points with a counsellor...then they let you know and you can ask questions
  13. by   sappa
    Got my acceptance letter!!! SOOO excited. Headed up to the office now so I can turn in my response. Does anyone know the deadlines for anything yet? In the letter it says see the from the Program Associate Director. Where can I find that?