Santa Fe College ASN 2013 - page 5

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  1. by   jriver38
    i called they said mid-june...that seems soooooo far away!
  2. by   Suh7777
    Hello there Ms. Wooten! I had to create an account when I seen you on here! lol This is making me anxious. I just want to find out already.
  3. by   SFChopeful2013
    Letters are being mailed out June 10th!!!
  4. by   jriver38
    AHHHHHHHHH Nervous now!
  5. by   jriver38
    monday seems so far away...but by this time next week we will know our futures
  6. by   SFChopeful2013
    I've never wanted a weekend to be over so badly...
  7. by   jriver38
    I have a friend that got his letter today (in Gainesville) and he did not get in... Now I'm nervous
  8. by   jriver38
    I'm an alternate
  9. by   SFChopeful2013
    How many points did you have jriver??
  10. by   UF2010
    Omg I got in!!!!!!! I had 75 points and this was my second time applying.
  11. by   SFChopeful2013
    My letter didn't come today because I'm in orlando! I have to wait until Monday! congrats UF!!
  12. by   jriver38
    I think I had around 70
  13. by   IanHiggins
    JUST GOT MY LETTER! AND I got accepted! I'm really sorry for all those who don't, but take it from me, don't give up. This was my second year applying after getting my CNA certification, and taking every single class for points.