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    The lady in admissions I delivered my application to said they would make decisions10-12 days after the deadline!!! I was surprised they could work so fast! Shoot, I applied to UF back in February and STILL haven't heard back from them!

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    Really? Only 10-12 days? That's so fast. In the past it's taken at least a month.
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    Omg that's soon!!! I'm so nervous/excited! Last year I think the letters were mailed out June 8th! Anyone know how many people applied this year?
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    not sure, i applied to both ASN and RTT program so hoping to get into one of them
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    Both very good programs jriver!
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    9 days until June 1...The waiting is the worst part!
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    I called and asked how many applied and when letters were going out and they said they haven't processed all the apps yet so they don't know the total number and that they're still looking at mid June.
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    Danggg.. that's not what I wanted to hear!!
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    Me neither! Hopefully the health science Facebook page will let us know more info soon. They've been really on top of it for other programs.
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    hopefully they are working hard and getting through all the applicants so we can find out next week
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