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Anyone else applying to Santa Fe in Florida for 2013?... Read More

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    Hi, I am currently in the RN program at SF. Sappa, when you first get into the program you will be in class Monday-Friday 9-4 for the first couple of weeks. After that you will probably have about 2 days off a week. The schedule pretty much varies. If you are going to change jobs, you should try to get a job with a flexible schedule or a job that will work with you.
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    Thank you, Tot1234. That is very helpful. When did you find out your schedule? Was it the first day of class or was it before then? I am getting really excited. I spoke with a counselor and found out I have more points than I thought. Fingers crossed!!!
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    A couple of days before school start your Angel account will have the class posted. It will show the calendar for the semester.
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    Went to go apply last week and it looks like I'll have 75 points! I am praying to God that that'll be enough!!!! Not sure what I'll do with myself for a whole year if I don't get in. Soooooooooo nervous.
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    75 is really good! I think you'll get in!
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    I applied today!! So nervous
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    does anyone know how many people get in?
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    Around 140 I think
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    I am finishing up my micro, stats, and comp 2 this summer. Do u know if i am able to apply to santa fe for the fall term if i plan on completing these classes this summer?
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    Which summer term? Decisions come out during mid to late June so if the class isn't finished by then, no. I would just email one of the nursing advisors to be sure though