Relocating!! Va west palm beach employees? Anyone?

  1. Hello everyone, Im moving to West Palm Beach because of work and I would like to know of any really safe gated communities that are not too far from the VA Hospital in Riviera Beach or too from civilization. Im a female and will be living alone with a young girl (my cousin). Her safety is mainly what im concerned with. Oh and what do you suggest is a decent salary to live comfortably in WPB? If any employees would like to share some of their living locations that would also be nice. I called the WPB Police department for help, but it seems as though their not that interested in helping me so I am seeking help everywhere. Yes I am doing research online as well and yes I will take a trip over there to scope it out for myself, but I have a lot of preparation to do and its time consuming. Ive read and heard to stay away from Riviera Beach and Belle Grande (I think I spelled it right) Any help would be great and feel free to PM me if you want.....THANKS
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  3. by   FoodieJ
    Morena, where are you moving from? Might help with a suggestion for locations, I would look into gated communities in palm beach Gardens or royal palm close to the VA and nice communities as a whole. Good luck with your move!
  4. by   MORENA DULCE
    Thanks FoodieJ, I really appreciate it and I'm moving from the Virgin Islands. Someone also mentioned Royal Palm and I researched both the areas and I'm loving what I see so far. Now that I have narrowed down the areas, I think I should contact a realtor to get me exactly what I"m looking for in an apartment or somewhat close.
  5. by   traumarn04
    stay away fro palm beach, alot of crime in that area, esp palm beach gardens. cost of living very expensive, too. not worth you time. look into stuart, jensen beach, port st lucie area much better. good luck
  6. by   MORENA DULCE
    Thank you traumarn04, but unfortunately those places are too far right now. I will be depending on public transportation for a little bit until I get settled because shipping my car would cost way too much. I did look up some communities in the areas you mentioned and the prices were pretty sweet, but I need to commute a short distance for now. Thanks again!