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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am graduating FIU Dec. '08 with a BA in Education, but I'm having a change of heart wanting to pursue a career in nursing. I am a bit confused as to the GPA MDC looks at for admittance to the AO program. I spoke to an advisor from the medical campus who said that they only look at my MDC GPA and not my Bachelors GPA from FIU. I have only taken 5 classes at MDC only because I was transferring from Nova to FIU and missed the FIU deadline. My grades at Nova weren't too great due to my consumption into a baseball scholarship I had received, so my CUM GPA for MDC is a 3.2 because of my transfer credits. I currently have a 3.62 CUM at FIU, not including my classes from this semester, and the bulk of my credits (92) have been taken at FIU. I want to know if it is correct what the advisor told me. I do not believe the advisor was on the right page to be honest, but there were no other advisors to speak to. If anyone can clarify or help me out in anyway i would greatly appreciate it.

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  3. by   ditacy81
    don't quote me on this one....but awhile back i was taking a prereq class to get into another school's AO program. I asked the professor of that class what is the GPA requirements for MDC AO, he claims that minimum is 2.5. I know it's shocking to me too. But I think you should do fine with what you have. If anything ask another advisor from a different campus regarding their policy on GPA for AO.