Question about Anatomy Lab at MDC

  1. 0 I have Anatomy 1 lab with Prof. ******* ********* ********. In the second class, he's dumped tons of information on us and has basically said "read this book, this book and the lab informaion" and this is what the quizes come from.

    Has anyone had him and can offer assistance to help organize and study for his tests?

    Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

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    They don't allow us to post names of professors on this site. However, many of us have been through Anatomy labs and lectures. The labs are supposed to complement the lectures, so much of the material should be the same.

    Maybe a good question for the professor would be "What is the best way to study for this class?" not "What should I study for the class?" Some professors don't appreciate this question since (while not always practical) we ARE supposed to learn everything in the assigned reading. If you want to, try to PM me his name and I'll see if anyone knows about him.
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    Sorry about the name- I'm new and didn't know. And I can't send pvt. messages yet.

    This lab is with a different professor than my Anatomy class so they won't be complementary per se- So far the lab is like throwing somone off the deep end of the pool. This professor doesn't teach- just says to read the text book (which I am) and an online book.

    I was just curious if anyone here had had him and could let me know what his tests are like. I've never had a professor to just say READ and good luck. So, I'd appreciate any help from anyone who's had a professor that doesn't teach, exams come from tons of material with no guidance what so ever (so far).

    This is my second time going back to school- got a BA when I was 28. Just starting with my pre-reqs for my ASN.

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