Puerto Rico RN and I need help

  1. Hello fellow nurses. My situation is quite difficult but I hope not unique. Im an RN with more than a year experience in Emergency Room, but my RN license is from Puerto Rico. When I came to Florida I had only held my license for two years and worked active with it for only 14 mths so I was not eligible for endorsement. I have tried three time and failed the NCLEX-RN and now I have to take the remedial course which at the moment will be too expensive, and time consuming because I do have a job as a phlebotomist. I need some advice and sugestions to see if anyone has had the same thing happened and if maybe someone has found a loop hole, or a way to be a nurse with this type of situation, My next shot would be the military becausse they do accept my P.R license but the reserves are the ones that take you with an Associates Degree. Please is there anyone out there that can shine a light on my situation, I will trully appreciate it.
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  3. by   hihopes22

    I believe there is a branch of military that may take ADN. I thought I saw that somewhere. But it is possible it is just for reserves. I heard of a similar story. Someone failed NCLEX a few times in FL and ended up taking the NCLEX for CT and passed and just got their license endorsed to FL. Good Luck!
  4. by   GiglioRN
    You need to work 2 years in Puerto Rico to get endorsed in Florida