pTEC LPN to SPC RN anyone? Or ANY LPN-RN transition program?

  1. Hey guys! So here's the deal... I wanted to apply to SPC's RN program, my GPA is 3.8 and I already have my A.A. degree from there (not in nursing). Well, even if I get A's in my last 3 required courses for the nursing program, my GPA that they look at for the nursing program is only going to be a 3.6 and they said they haven't accepted anyone with a GPA lower than 3.8 for the past 2 semesters........

    The adviser said that if I finished the LPN program at pTEC (which would only be 10 months for me, since I went there for LPN previously and unfortunately had to drop due to family issues) I could do the bridge program, which had an avg. GPA of 3.2 (only a 2.75 is "required" for both programs, these are the competitive GPA's), so my plan is to finish at pTEC and then apply to SPC.

    Has anyone done this? What was your experience like? I only got to just before D&D at pTEC, how was the rest of the program? Did you feel like you had better experience since you had already been doing clinicals? Please let me know Thanks so much!