Polk State College Nursing Program Fall 2013 (Adult Health 1)

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    Hi All!

    I thought I would start this thread because I would like to connect with anyone who has applied to Polk State College in Winter Have/Lakeland and will start in August 2013! (I know there is another PSC thread, but it was a specific question about the TEAS-V.)

    Applications are accepted now until May 30, 2013, so get them in and then come here an introduce yourself! I can't specifically answer any questions or anything, and of course, my own admission isn't guaranteed, but it might help to vent/meet here!

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    I turned in my application a few days ago. Can't wait to get a response!
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    Yay! My name is Carla, BTW. Don't forget to let us know what happens!
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    I got my acceptance letter today!
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    Yay! So did I! See you on June 28th! Where did you take Intro? Maybe we had it together with Mrs. Schaak last semester?
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    I had Intro on Fridays with Mrs. Brown and my clinicals were in Winter Haven so I don't think we ran into eachother.

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    Congrats to you guys ! I'm finishing up my prereqs this semester and I'm going to apply to the Fall 2014 start. I'm new tp PSC and I'm not sure what averages get into the program. Do you mind if I ask what your GPA and TEAS scores are? Anyways how do you like the program so far? Good Luck!
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    Hey @Blass. You and me both, I will be applying for the program in the Fall of 2014. Im also doing Intro NUR1010 in January. What I do know about Polk State is that if you have a reallt high TEAS score like 80 or above and a decent GPA then you have a Really good chance of getting in. TEAS TEAS is what they mainly look at. I know because I have made a few friends in the program and spoken to the program director.
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    @Blass Have you taken the NUR1010?
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    Hey @derlynsp! How are you? I am taking NUR1010C in January 2014. I am going to sign up with Mrs. Schaak on Tuesdays at the Lakeland Campus. I am so excited! Spring will be a big semester for me so I'm hoping I do well. I will be filling out my application and turning it in on May 15th. Fingers crossed that I have done something right..

    I am sitting at a 3.52 program GPA and a 3.3 overall GPA. I took my TEAS last week and did pretty well. I got an 86 on it. I'm considering taking it one more time just to see if I can do any better! I have just heard that it is pretty difficult to get accepted into the program and I want to make sure that I am ready!!

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