PJC (Pensacola Junior College) Spring 2011 Applicants

  1. I wanted to start this Thread for anyone trying to start the RN Program at PJC in the Spring of 2011. I would love to know more about you and what classes you are currently taking! I was hoping to get into the FALL 2010 program, but I was told that I was top of the list and would start Spring 2011. I would love to hear from anyone who is planning on entering or intersted in the Program! Thank you.
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  3. by   Dreese11
    I am also entering PSC (PJC) nursing school in Jan of 2011. I can't wait!!! Are you excited? My best friend is also in for Spring 2011 with me!
  4. by   Noel1221

    I am really excited! Have you recieved any information or the Spring acceptance letter? (I haven't) I applied to another school--but it's a very long shot-and I won't know until October/November But I am looking forward to PJC! Have you taken Micro yet? I am jealous you have a friend starting with you--I don't think I know anyone. Maybe we can get a study group together!!
  5. by   Dreese11
    Pjc is having a meeting on September 21st about the Spring 2011. The letters should go out 2 days after that so Ive heard from Mrs. Lewis. Im super excited and nervous all at once.. I have 3 children (ages 1,3,4) so it will be challenging to say the least but I have a wonderful Husband and Mom who is going to be a HUGE help :redpinkhe Do you have any idea where you think you want to be? PEDS, ER, OB, ETC?
  6. by   Sam199

    what is the meeting on septemeber 21st about and how did you find out about it? i was told i would be starting pjcs nursing program in spring 2011, but i haven't gotten too much info, except that i would be getting my acceptance letter sometime in september.
  7. by   Dreese11
    Hey! I was also told I was in for Spring 2011. I was so estatic. Mrs. Lewis told my best friend (a nursing student in Jan 11' as well) that they were having a meeting about the acceptance letters ie who is DEFINITELY gettting a letter..The acceptance letter's will be mailed out 1-3 days after the meeting . So we shall get them sometime the last week OR sooner of September! Congrats on being getting into the program..are you excited? Nervous? Do you have kids, married?? LOL sorry if im prying too much! Im just interested in meeting all the "study buddies" i can I know I'll be going nuts being married and having 3 kiddos AND nursing school. Luckly, I don't work but im still nervous since i've read a lot of scary posts on here about the program!
  8. by   Sam199
    I am super excited I have been waiting over a year to get into this program. I am not married but I have a boyfriend I have been with for almost 4 years and he lives in California. So we don't have to attend this meeting? Everytime I call I don't ever get alot of info
  9. by   Dreese11
    Nope, actually we can't attend. Its just for the "nursing" staff and whomever is "in charge". They don't give too much info. i tried to ask what shots I needed since I have limited time to go and get them, and they told me to just wait until I get the email and/or letter in September and I will have enough time. I just don't want to miss something small and not be able to get in!!
  10. by   Sam199
    We I know what you mean.... I was suppose to start the blood taking class but they sent my letter to the wrong address and I never got so I wasn't able to get so I am up there butt all the time to make sure it's going to the correct address.
  11. by   amystudent2012
    I am planning on getting into the program spring of 2012. Has anyone taken the Hesi-A2 test yet? If so what books did you get to review?

  12. by   Sam199

    The HESA was really easy, it had fractions and basic math on it. There is a study guide they recommend its on PJCs website when you regristor for the HESA exam.
  13. by   Noel1221
    I would definetly reccomend the Hesi Evolve study guide, give you great insight into how and what type of questions are asked! Also, I would say at least 70% of the Vocab words I was tested on, were in that book eaither in the Vocab list provided, or in the Vocab test part! Good Luck to you. Can't wait to get my letter
  14. by   amystudent2012
    Thank you noel and sam, I really appreciate your advice. Good luck in the program and I look forward to hearing your nursing school stories!