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I wanted to start this Thread for anyone trying to start the RN Program at PJC in the Spring of 2011. I would love to know more about you and what classes you are currently taking! I was hoping to... Read More

  1. by   Noel1221
    I am happy you have such a helpful family, that will be great support throughout the Program!! I don't have any children, and got engaged last Decemeber, we are trying to come up with a date and everything--but life gets in the way sometimes Also, my fiance is the one from Pensacola, I am not too familar with the area, and we don't currently live there--So we will have to relocate there in January. Scary, stuff--but I think I am excited for the change. But I will not really know anyone, so I will look forward to getting to know people from the program!! I am waiting to here from a local school, but I think it may be a long shot considering how difficult it is to get into the program. But I should know by mid November. Can't to get the letter for PJC!!
  2. by   Dreese11
    Congrats on the engagement! Wow, you're moving to Pensacola!! I moved here 4 years ago right after I had my 1st child. He's 4 (5 in Feb). having a ultra supportive family is definitely going to be the greatest. My Mom moved here shortly after since she knew she I was going to need some help considering the program isn't easy, and I'll need help with the kids since my hubby works a lot.
    I can't wait to get our letters, the anticipation is KILLING me!!
  3. by   Noel1221
    Hey Dreese11, admissions called me 2 days ago, and wanted to know if I wanted days or nights/weekends! I told her days, for sure! She said I would be getting my letter by Saturday, via mail.. though you will prob. get yours sooner, because you live in Pensacola! She said the emails should go out soon?? So any day now I expect. She said I have to hand-return the letter, so guess I will be making a trip to Pcola soon! And I have to attend orientation as well! So excited!!
  4. by   Dreese11
    I got the call as well!! I chose days as well! I'm do excited I received my email today so I expect my letter tomorrow since I live literally minutes away. :-)
  5. by   Dreese11
    Returned my letter, got my packet, and have my physical next week, got labs and shots done Friday.. So i am almost ready to turn everything in. Its not due until November 19th, but i don't want to delay and possibly forget or lose something by then!!I can't believe how much lab/shots cost. EVEN WITH INSURANCE (they didn't cover ANY of the shots, lab work, i guess since im not sick??)
  6. by   Noel1221
    Ok, sorry about this, but when are the orientation dates again??
    Thank you!!
  7. by   Dreese11
    NOvember 10th 8am-4pm and November 13th 930- to 100 or 130..can't remember exactly on that one!! How are your Immunizations/Titers going??? I have 2 shots left. GRRRRRRRRRRRR
  8. by   Noel1221
    Dreese, Thank you so much for that info, I have misplaced my letter that told me the dates . I have 2 titers I think I still need, tetanus, and a physical... Uhg I am trying to get it all done by the first week in November! Do you know if we need to have the BLS for HealthCare Providers done before Nov. 19th or just before the Spring Session starts?? I am getting very excited about everything!!
  9. by   Dreese11
    Im thinking you need the BLS by November 19th. Luckly, I did that before letters went out. I have 2nd MMR left on November 14th along with my physical and I'll be dropping off my stuff then! Its been a LOOOOONG month with all the shots ive had to get! Im worn out! I only have 1 of the 3 HEP B. Luckly we don't need all 3 by November 19th!
  10. by   courtlane143
    did any of u apply to jeff davis also...I am asking bc my sister has been chosen as an alternate for jd and wants to get in soooo bad and i am wondering if people applied to jd and pjc and if normally a few alternates get in...thanks guys