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Pinellas Technical Education Center???

  1. 0 Hey everybody,

    I'm still new to this forum so please be patient with me

    First of all, let me introduce myself a little bit. I'm 20 years old and currently still living in Germany but I will be moving to the Clearwater Area next year. I would like to become an LPN so I started looking for some programs in that area. A friend told me about the Practical Nursing Program of the Pinellas Technical Education Center. It sounded good to me because it wasn't that expensive either. But then I checked out their website ( ) which isn't very informative at all and now I'm wondering whether the school and the program are really good. Is there any way I can find that out?

    It would be nice to hear from somebody who has made some experiences with that program /school.

    Oh and by the way, what is the average cost of an LPN Program?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I live in St Petersburg, and understand that PTEC has an excellent reputation locally for their LPN graduates.

    I am just finishing an Associate's RN locally, and had the opportunity to work with some of their students during my own internships locally. While I wasn't in a position to judge their work critically, the majority of the students seemed to have a good understanding of the basics.

    I also understand that there is quite a waiting list to get in - I can't say for certain, though. I do know that the RN program at St Petersburg College is accepting new students with anticipated start dates of January 2006 for Level I, which is quite a long wait.

    I don't know anything about the expenses with PTEC, so can't help you there, sorry.

    Hope this helps -

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    Thanks for your help, John!
    I contacted PTEC and they sent me some further information and it really seems like a good school for me. But you are right the waiting lists are way too long.