Palm Beach Atlantic Upper Division Nursing 2018 - page 3

Hello everyone! I just got accepted to Palm beach Atlantic's upper division nursing program and I am attending in the spring of 2018! I looked everywhere online for something for students to talk... Read More

  1. by   Shanti1993
    Also I emailed Kathy asking to change to 2 days a week if possible since i don't drive. Hopefully she can work something out.
  2. by   Penn101
    U moved to florida already?
  3. by   Markant14
    Has anyone purchased their parking permit yet? And if so, did you get commuter or Dixie garage?
  4. by   Penn101
    Im still debating which one to get. The garage is more expensive but im leaning towards that one cause Florida weather is unpredictable and i dont like the rain
  5. by   Shanti1993
    IS everyone full time? Also how old are you guys? Im full time and just turned 24
  6. by   Shanti1993
    I also got my schedule changed to tuesdays and thursdays.
  7. by   Penn101
    I believe the nursing program is only full timr and I'm sure i will be the oldest in the class
  8. by   berkley
    I also go excepted to start in the spring!! do classes start the 8th or 15th?
  9. by   Shanti1993
    Mine is the 9th i think
  10. by   emilyjoy19
    Just got accepted into PBA upper division nursing for Fall 2018!! Anyone starting that term??
  11. by   Penn101
    7 more days!!!! Im so excited and nervous
  12. by   Shanti1993
    Does anyone have any idea on where do i get my pba card?