Palm Beach Atlantic Upper Division Nursing 2018 - page 2

Hello everyone! I just got accepted to Palm beach Atlantic's upper division nursing program and I am attending in the spring of 2018! I looked everywhere online for something for students to talk... Read More

  1. by   nursing0620
    Hi everyone! I am applying for summer 2018. I have my bachelor's degree in Public Health but I want to pursue nursing! Do you mind sharing your stats? Also, what classes are included in the science gpa? Thank you!
  2. by   Shanti1993
    I havent. I met some of the requirements on complio. All i have remaining are the drug test, tb shot, varicella dose 2, hep b dose 2 and 3 and flu shot. Have you received yours as yet?
  3. by   Penn101
    With a bachelors i think u will meet a good amount of the under grad req. But i believe the anatomy, stats, chem and microbiology. I think they also look at your Teas. Have u taken the test yet?
  4. by   Penn101
    Wasnt the drug test due by dec 1st? I really need to go to my doctor to get the forms filled out but i work during the week so its a little tough for me. Im trying to get everything situated. I think you should have your schedule by now. Ive even bought a book already lol. So ready to start
  5. by   Shanti1993
    I have completed 8 of the complio requirements and I haven't received my schedule as yet. What about u?
  6. by   Shanti1993
    No, the items on complio are for the nursing clinicals so we have until july to complete those. I completed the teas back in February and also did
  7. by   Markant14
    Hi guys! I recieved my schedule early this week. Classes Tuesday and Thursday. I have to take exploring the Bible Tuesday and Thursday, Patho Pharm. 1 also Tuesday and Thursday, Health Assesment on Thursday and Intro to Professional Nursing Tuesday's (it looks like Intro is only a half semester class).
  8. by   Penn101
    The nursing packet said those two things had to be done by dec 1st or so i thought
  9. by   Penn101
    You are so lucky you go to school only two days a week! I got my schedule like a week and a half ago but i prefer your schedule
  10. by   Shanti1993
    I hope to get my schedule before the week ends.
  11. by   Shanti1993
    Got my schedule. Tuesday and Thursday
  12. by   Penn101
    Ugh i have ONE Wednesday class. I wish i had only Tuesday and Thursday. Are u able to see the books required?
  13. by   Shanti1993
    No I dont see any books and i rechecked my schedule and I have school every day apparently. Bible class on MWF and the others are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.