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    I was wondering if anyone has attended this school for the LPN program.

    I Plan to go Orlando Tech next when I moved over there in the next few months.

    I currently have my Medical Assistant certificate but I work as a Certified clinical Research Coordinator. I make pretty good money ($20.50 per hour) but sadly dont see much of it due to all my bills and the cost of living here in California.

    I work full-time and going to school here in California would require me to go to school part-time and continue to work full-time in order to pay for school ($35,112.50 Evening Clases - 20 Months) since I do not qualify for financial aid.

    I want to go back to school full-time and since I am moving to Orlando in the next few months, the LPN Program at the Orland Tech seems like a very good program. So, I need help.

    I am excited about the program but I have far too many questions and it will help a lot to get answers from someone who is attending and/or has attended this school.

    How do you like it? What is the process to get started? How hard are the TEAS and TABE tests? How long is the entire process of getting accepted?

    Any suggestions on what I could get done from CA?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Did you ever get anymore info? did you attend OT?

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