orientation programs?

  1. Hi eveyone,
    I'm in Fl A&M's BSN program and I'll be in my 2nd semester this fall. I have started searching for hospitals that offer good new grad orientation programs, so that I can know how far I need to go to get reach my goal. I think that I exhausted every search option on the web. I've visted all of the nursing, agency, student, hospital and job finder websites only to find 2 hospitals, Florida Hospital in Orlando and Lakeland Regional. I really want to specialize in NICU, because I eventually want to be a NeonatalNP...but any program that will lead me in this direction is great. Does any one know of any more hospitals in Fl that have new grad orientation programs, where I could find the information without having to call every hospital in FL, info about Fl Hospital's orientation...ANY and ALL information will really help me....Thank you!!!