Nursing Shortage currently worse in Orlando than in Tampa??

  1. hey floridians. quick question for ya:

    have you heard rumors / statements regarding there being a much bigger shortage of nurses in orlando than in tampa??

    when i saw my primary care nurse practitioner (i always go to an arnp for my primary care) a couple months ago, we talked a lot about nursing jobs in florida and about my struggles with my nursing career. my arnp claimed that there was currently a 50% shortage of nurses in orlando but only a 10% shortage of nurses in tampa. she told me that it is much more competitive to find a nursing job in tampa than in orlando. she said there are a lot more opportunities for registered nurses in the orlando area and alot more jobs than there are in tampa bay.

    i have no idea where my nurse practitioner got these statistics regarding tampa versus orlando. i forgot to ask her.

    what do you think? what have you experienced? what have you heard?

    i ask because i live in hillsborough county, which is in the tampa bay area. i live right outside of brandon. my parents are here. i'm not far from the city of tampa. i have never lived in orlando, but i have an aunt and uncle in orlando, so i visit orlando a couple times a year. i am looking for a new rn job (very bad timing currently, i know). obviously, if i can't find anything in the tampa bay area, and can only find something in orlando, i'll be forced to move.
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  3. by   chescat58, RNC-NIC
    Well our hospital in Orlando had a hiring freeze on for about 3 - 4 weeks, they have jsut recently posted a few jobs but very limited.
  4. by   kemper1974
    The hospital system I work for also had a hiring freeze starting after Christmas...I think there were over 350 jobs posted, now they are adding a few and there are aout 30 openings. Most seem to be in cardiac/pcu/icu