NFCC Madison, FL 2013 hopeful

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    Is anyone else applying to North Florida Community College to start the RN program in January?

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    Considered applying. I might still apply but I am unsure about my prospects of going to NFCC.
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    I don't really know much about the school. I like that it would be small classes sizes though so I'm just going to apply & see what happens. I just don't wanna wait around til next year to apply at other schools.
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    Madison Florida is a small town. Are you a local or coming from some other region in Florida?
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    I live in Lake City. What about you?
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    I live in north Central Florida.
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    Oh, okay. Well if you haven't already & decide to apply make sure you get your titer done soon because it takes a week or two to come back. I've been rushing around everywhere trying to get everything done to make the deadline. I guess it's good that they ask for it all to be done before you apply because it makes less people apply, but it's alot of money to go to "waste" if you don't get in.
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    I don't think I am going to attend NFCC's nursing program. Right know its too far away for me to commute. I would really like to attend if I had the chance.
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    I understand that. I had been driving over an hour every day on way to go to Santa Fe College & now (if I get in) I'll have the same drive to Madison. Not looking foward to that.

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