New ASN grad jobs??

  1. I am about to pull out what's left of my hair. I graduated in 2012 with an associate degree in nursing and have applied and filled out online applications to hospitals, nursing homes, home health, clinics, skilled care facilities, free clinics, even hospital volunteering and have not even been invited to an interview. Part of my problem is that I have NO EXPERIENCE. How do I go about getting experience when I can't even get a job? I would prefer to work in a hospital. That's my goal anyway. Does anyone have any advice for a new nurse graduate on trying to get a job around Jacksonville, FL? I feel so useless and depressed.
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  3. by   cdscmb
    The current situation is rough. With ACA set to completely change hospital reimbursement, most are tightening their belts. I believe the big hospitals here are all on hiring freezes. Did you keep in touch with anyone you graduated with that got a job? Any contact with the unit you did your practicum on? Are you applying to every position available, or only to specific areas you're interested in? Apply to everything and consider moving to an underserved rural area for a year just to get training and that all important year of experience.

    Another thought would be to apply to a local university RN to BSN program that will allow you to network with educators that may have contacts in local hospitals. I say local instead of online, because it is likely that they will not give you face time with instructors that have worked in your area. Consider (if possible) getting a job as an aide/tech to get your foot in the door. Good luck.